Optical illusion
Do you have a shallow garden? Go for a fence with horizontal planks. Your garden will then appear longer.

Shared greenery
Does your neighbour have a nice garden too? With a low, natural fence or a semi-transparent fence – for example made of wooden planks with a slanted view (slat effect) – you can share in the enjoyment. If you look past the planks into the garden, you can see through.

Colour trick
Do you want to paint the fence? Then remember: light colours come towards you, dark colours go away.

Purslane garden?
Go for a fence that allows for vertical gardening, with containers, grow bags and climbing plants.

Gain ground
A hedge takes up a lot of space in your garden. In a small garden, bamboo or a thin wooden fence will leave you with more space.

A woven branch fence is sturdy and high, but gives a less enclosed feeling in the garden than a closed model. The natural form is also nice in new housing estates, to counteract the austere (and sometimes monotonous) appearance.

Living style
Make the garden an extension of your home by incorporating your living style. Think about the use of colour, style and materials inside for your garden fence.

Playing with height
High fences on all sides of the garden make a large garden seem more intimate. A lower model gives more air to a smaller garden.

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